How to edit audio files on mac

Jul 5, With the video (or audio) file open in QuickTime, click Edit > Trim. A simple trimming interface will appear — just click and drag the bars on each.
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Split Clips and Rearrange Them

Many professionals use OS X as their preferred platform for creating and editing video and audio content. And one of the best places to to get the tools to do such work is the Mac App Store. Unfortunately, it can be somewhat daunting to sift through all of the video and audio editing apps currently in the Mac App Store. Not to worry though, I've made it easy for you to get started without having to spend a lot of time looking at a zillion different apps.

Trim an MP3 on your Mac

These features work with audio files, too! To get started, open an. QuickTime is the default video player, so you should just be able to double-click your video file. You can also open an audio file in quicktime — Command-click or right-click it, point to Open With, and select QuickTime.

Trimming Audio With QuickTime Player (MacMost Now 667)

A simple trimming interface will appear — just click and drag the bars on each end to select the part of hte video file you want to keep. Click Trim and the other bits of the file will be removed.

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Quicktime can also combine multiple video files. Start by opening the first file in QuickTime.

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  8. Next, drag-and-drop another file onto the QuickTime window. You can drag-and-drop each clip here to rearrange their order. This also works with audio files. Drag-and-drop an audio file onto the QuickTime window and it will appear on a bar below the video files.

    Use Your Mac’s QuickTime App to Edit Video and Audio Files

    Thank you very much, Shujaa. A minor comment…as I recall I followed your instructions about an hour ago, so I may not be remembering correctly I had to go back to the original mp3 file that was used to convert to AAC and remove the start and stop times, otherwise the truncated version is left in iTunes.

    Yes, but Audacity can be a bit complicated for some. This is an easier way to crop audio files: Yes, you can then make ringtones using Audacity if you like.

    Copy an audio region

    I read the article last week on creating ringtones using terminal. If you just add a few steps to these it is also easily done. The steps are: In step 3 above do not make the length more than 30 seconds.

    Professional Quality Music Editors for Mac

    You can preview the ringtone by double-clicking on it just as you would to play any other song in iTunes. Thank you for the comment.

    Hey this is great! I used it on a PC with Windows and there is only one difference: